Mud Production Procedure

Raw Mud Production

If mud is collected from the tidal flats and mixed into products without processing, consumers will feel roughness due to the irregular
particle sizes. The mud passes through a series of processes including cleaning, drying, grinding and sterilizing as presented below
because of a variety of seaweeds naturally accumulated on the tidal flats and humulite, including shells mixed with mud.
The processed mud is used for making cosmetics.

1. 갯벌 채취(천북 궁포리) - 2. 실외 건조(2~3개월/염분제거) - 3. 볼밀 분쇄(3일간/염분ㆍ이물질제거ㆍ멸균) - 4. 필터 프레스(325mesh통과) - 5. 실내건조(30일 / 수분 0%) - 6. 파쇄 및 멸균(감마선 멸균)