About the Brand


Mud is ‘wet and soggy soil’. Clay, broken down animal and plant products, soil and salt are accumulated through geological and
chemical actions over time and finally form mud when broken down by microorganisms.

Efficiency of Mud

Mud contains a variety of active ingredients including natural minerals that prevent skin aging and changes skin to a youthful, fresh appearance
through rich minerals that revitalize and enhance skin resilience. Mud can be also used for physical therapy including saunas or bath sands
with colloid and crystal ingredients. Mud has a remarkable effect in treating injuries through antibacterial and bacteria inhibition effects.

Features of Boryeong Mud Cosmetics

Boryeong Mud Cosmetics are effective in preventing skin aging and cleansing dirt as well as soothing atopy (as reported on the TV program
“Secrets for Life and Death”) because Boryeong Mud Cosmetics contain mud powder and water processed with mud collected from the clean sea of

History of Boryeong Mud

  • May 1994Research on mud from the sea
  • Jun. 1996Launched the first mud cosmetics (4 items)
  • Jul. 1998Held Boryeong Mud Festival
  • May 2001Constructed a soap factory (in-house manufacturing)
  • Feb. 2004Registered the trademark ‘Mudrang’
  • Dec. 2004Skin irritation and heavy metal testing by the USFDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA)
  • Jul. 2005Organized the Boryeong Mud Globalization Promotion Committee
  • Aug. 2006Won the Grand Prize in the Korea Good Specialties Awards
  • Oct. 2006Listed on the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (ICID)
  • Jul. 2007Held the Mud Cosmetic Export Plaza
  • Jun. 2009Registered a patent for mud powder manufacturing method
  • Jul. 2009Boryeong Mud was selected as RIS Project
  • Jan. 2010Won the Grand Prize in the Korea Local Brand Award
  • Jan. 2012Changed OEM contractor (Amore  Cosmax)
  • Dec. 2012Applied for trademark registration in foreign countries (24 countries)
  • Jan. 2013Registered Boryeong Mud and Figurative Elements of the Trademark
  • Feb. 2013Registered the cosmetic manufacturing and marketing business
  • Dec. 2013Reported on TV program (Secrets of Life and Death)
  • Jan. 2014Started procedure to get a license from the China Food and Drug Administration
  • Jan. 2015Transferred the business of the Mud Experience Center (contracted administration)