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  • Country of Origin Korea
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※ OEM is available (company log can be printed).Miin Soap Set(3p)
Miin Soap Set(3p)
Products 100g X 3p
Details Boryeong Mud Miin Soap is made with quality mud collected from the sea of Daecheon Beach, Boryeong. Vegetable based Miin Soap
thoroughly eliminates dirt and waste from skin with rich foam and a soft feel. Miin Soap doesn’t use any pigments. Rich minerals
from the mud in the seas of Boryeong help to make skin moist and resilient and protect skin from a harmful environment that causes skin
※ Boryeong mud sea extract (sea silt extract) 4600mg contained.
Instruction Make sufficient foam with palms and lightly rub face with foam. Rinse with water.
Manufacturer Direct manufacturing by Boryeong city
Country of Origin Korea
Service Life 36 months from the manufacturing date.
ingredients Soap Noodle, humectant, titanium dioxide, foaming agent, olive oil, perfumery, mud powder, glycerine
  • 1) Do not apply to areas with abnormal symptoms including wounds, eczema or dermatitis
  • 2) Stop using in case of any abnormal symptoms including red spots, swelling, or irritation while using cosmetics.
  • 3) In case of contact with eyes, thoroughly rinse with clean water.
  • 4) Do not use for any other purposes except washing the body.
  • 5) Keep out of children’s reach.